Color Run Team Challenge

We are inviting students and individuals to register for the race as a team. The benefits of being part of a team include:
  • $20 registration fee
  • The team that has the most participants on their team by Saturday, March 17 will win a $200 kickback to their organization/team.

A team can be:
  • a club within McCaskey High School Campus;
  • a middle school, junior varsity or varsity sports team within the School District of Lancaster,
  • varsity sports team within the Lancaster Lebanon League,
  • or a non profit organization.

Team captains must first set up their team online and invite members to join. Team registration is online only and team members must register by Saturday, March 17th. Those wishing to join a team after that date must register as an individual.

Before registering a new team...
don't forget to check in the dropdown below if your team is already registered.

Register Your Team!