This fun route winds all around the McCaskey High School campus. It begins on the track, with the first color station just outside the stadium. The course then makes a loop around JP McCaskey (all pavement and sidewalks). Toward the end of the 1st mile there is a short stretch in the woods on a dirt path, which pops out onto a gravel path around a baseball practice field. This is where the second color station will be.

The 2nd mile takes you out along the more remote athletic practice fields, the paths here are all gravel or asphalt and runners will hit a color station twice. Then, back onto the roads behind McCaskey East, the end of the 2nd mile and first part of the 3rd mile is a bit of a climb up to the front of Lincoln Middle School.

The last ¾ of a mile is downhill, back behind McCaskey East and then flat, around the practice field, hitting two color stations again. The run finishes with one last color station and then onto the track, where spectators can enjoy a great view and cheer on their friends and loved ones.